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Often known as the pediatricians of the dentistry world, pediatric dentists can make a difference when it comes to providing complete preventative and therapeutic oral health care needs of your child. The best dentist Camas WA offers, Dr Shebani is the right choice for parents who want only the most comprehensive dental care for their child.

For Dental Care That Never Compromises

The best dentist Camas WA for your child, Dr Shebani along with her team of skilled, talented, caring and sensitive professionals offer a plethora of services including:

  • 1. Regular oral health exams (including caries assessment for infants)
  • 2. Regular cleaning and fluoride treatments
  • 3. Use of sealants to prevent cavities
  • 4. Preventative dental care
  • 5. Special preventative care to prevent sports injuries and safeguard against problems like teething and gum disease
  • 6. Habit counselling
  • 7. Orthodontics care and assessment and treatment for teeth straightening
  • 8. Repair of tooth cavities and defects
  • 9. Diagnosis of oral conditions associated with diseases
  • 10 Treatment of dental developmental difficulties
  • 11. Management of gum diseases and conditions
  • 12. Care for dental injuries 

Specialized Focus, Child Centric Medical Infrastructure

Dr. Shebani and her team offer specialized focus on the child’s needs. She is skilled at treating children keeping growth, development and child psychology in mind. With a focus on continued care and regular monitoring, she is the best dentist Camas WA has for children at any stage of development. From child sized infrastructure and dental tools to a reassuring manner to ensure a stress-free dental experience for your child. Dr Shebani and her team excel in dental care and respond to your child’s need with sensitivity and competence.